About the Artist

Katrina Allen is a Vermont artist who creates vibrant semi-abstract paintings reflecting the abundance of the natural world. Starting with no plan whatsoever, she applies acrylic paints in a playful, free-flowing way to build up multiple layers of color, texture, and pattern.  She often incorporates motifs of flowers, plants, birds, or other creatures as her paintings evolve into their final form.

Through photographs, Katrina documents the progress of each painting, including the steps which don’t work or make things worse. But don’t give up! She shares how releasing expectations, listening to quiet instincts, and allowing a piece go through many transformations leads to a surprising and lovely results.

When not in the studio, Katrina is often taking long walks among maple trees and hayfields, entertaining herself by making up conversations and stories in her head. She gets overly enthusiastic about the color blue, big fluffy peonies, chocolate chip cookies, cozy sweaters, Joss Whedon TV shows, and looking out the window to see what kind of wildlife is visiting the yard today. She has a husband and four children, a very overgrown perennial garden, and a bird-feeder that almost always needs be refilled.